Wanting a Portrait Tattoo and Looking for the Best Tattoo Shop?

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It takes a special kind of tattoo artist to do portrait tattoos justice. Portrait tattoos aim to convey a person’s likeness onto another person’s skin. Some of these are meant to show admiration, love and loss or a new beginning. When done right, the images evoke a sense of emotion and are considered to be among the most desirable of all tattooed images.  If rushed or done by a lesser-experienced artist, they become an embarrassment, something to hide or to get rid of instead of being proudly shown. Yet, even with the distinct complexities known to this tattoo-style, portrait tattoos should not be feared. They look great on your skin, standout and fade less compared to colored tattoos.  If you know the right tattoo artist to do it and have enough information about how these tattoos should look, you can expect a tattoo that is nothing less but a grand work of skin art.

Most portrait tattoos consist primarily of the head, shoulders and sometimes the bust, however, more of the body may be added provided the head is not too small. Portrait tattoos are normally done in black & grey, with some minor highlights of white. This is done because by experience it brings about the smoothest and most realistic results. The addition of color will stylize the portrait a bit and will give it a less than natural look and is therefore not recommended unless you prefer the outcome to look more graphic or cartoony in nature.

Portrait Tattoo done by Jonathan Gilbert of Katana Tattoo
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Portrait Tattoo Artist

If you are considering a portrait tattoo done, the artist’s portfolio will tell a lot if he is the right person to perform the ink. With portrait tattoos, one needs to be extra careful or more serious on choosing the artist for the job. One small mistake, and the portrait fails. The thing with this kind of tattoo is any mistake on the likeness of the person is really noticeable. With a different tattoo say a bird, if a feather seems out of hand, the tattoo can still work. With portrait tattoos there is a line you cannot cross. There are no “just ok” portraits; each portrait tattoo should be spot on or nothing at all.

Johnathan Gilbert Tattoo Artist

Information on Portrait You Should Bring to Appointment

If you are going to have a portrait tattoo done, the clearer and bigger the reference photo you provide the tattoo artist, the better that tattoo will become. One cannot add the right eyebrows or laugh lines to the image without a clear photograph as reference. The best tattoo artists yield the most beautiful results when their clients provide them with a reference that is really the best representation of the person being inked on the skin. More details, means more accuracy and therefore better results.

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Black and Grey Portrait Tattoos

Black and grey portrait tattoos are better than colored tattoos for a number of reasons.

Black and Grey Ink is Easy on the Skin

This is one of the biggest advantages, as black and grey ink tend to cause less allergic reactions compared to colored ones. What this also means is that it will cause lesser skin irritation and other issues during the inking process or days after.  If you are concerned about allergies, inform us prior to the session so we can provide you with information on substances in our inks to know if you might be sensitive to any of it.  Another good thing about using black and grey for portrait tattoos is the fact that the ink works well on any kind of skin tone, guaranteed to stand out.

Less Fading & Easy to Remove

While no one gets a portrait tattoo with a thought in the back of their head that they might someday want to remove it, there is nothing to fear if you are a bit anxious about the permanence. It can help you to know that black ink along with blue and green are the easiest to remove should you decide to do so one day.  Black & grey also do not fade quickly when compared to colored inks and are less prone to sun damage. If you are the type of person that likes to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, we recommend that you get a black and grey portrait tattoo.  Not only will your tattoo stay fresh-looking for longer but you will also require fewer touch-ups in the future.

Perfect for Realism

Portrait tattoos are known to be accurate depictions of the images they are based upon. It is good to know that black and grey tattoos work best to convey realism on an image. They are perfect for making realistic artwork. Similar to a fine black & white photograph, in the hands of a gifted artist, the portrait tattoo can look absolutely stunning. The black & grey combination adds a layer of drama and complexity that is very difficult to match.

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Best Placement Options For Your Portrait Tattoo

When it comes to sizing for portrait tattoos, the size of a fist or at least softball size –that is from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head are excellent reference points. It is recommended that it be placed in a larger area of your skin devoid of any bends or creases. Choose your forearms, biceps or calf area. These not only are the best for you but also for the tattoo artist.

Time Needed to Get Your Portrait Tattoo Done

All Good Things come to those who wait!

Portrait tattoos require patience as it may take as much as six and even eight hours to create the right portrait on your skin.  Keep in mind that there is a lot of intricacies that the tattoo artist has to cover in order to do justice to the image that is being inked on your skin. This tattoo simply cannot be rushed and why would you?