Welcome to Katana Tattoo, a destination tattoo shop serving the upper midwest from it’s location in Green Bay, WI all the way to Chicago and all points in between, that is skilled and dedicated to the art of large scale Japanese, American, and Traditional style body pieces.

Meet the Artists

Paul Dhuey

Katana Tattoo, a tattoo studio skilled in providing excellent tattoo work with a focus on large pieces, was conceived, developed and opened in Green Bay, Wisconsin in October 2012. The shops founder and proprietor, Paul Dhuey, is a Green Bay native who has extensive experience tattooing across the United States and Europe.

For the last nine years Paul has spent the majority of his professional career in San Diego, tattooing at one of California’s premier shops, GURU TATTOO as well as currently tattooing at Left Hand Black Tattoo and Gallery.

He has won many awards at various tattoo conventions across the country and has been featured in numerous tattoo magazines worldwide!

With the opening of Katana Tattoo, Paul is bringing over 21 years of world wide experience to the Midwest!

His dedication, expertise and specialty in creating large Japanese and American style tattoos is unprecedented.

Katana Tattoo is a studio dedicated to focusing on clients wishes/ideas/goals while providing each client all the information, education and long-term tattooing options available to them (i.e. large pieces, full/partial body suits, full sleeves/legs, half sleeves/legs…etc.).

This approach ensures that each client makes decisions that they feel comfortable and confident with. This includes engaging clients in discussions on: the best tattoo placement based on their body and future tattoo planning options for large pieces…etc.

Katana Tattoo remains committed and true to the Medium by continuously focusing on overall flow, layout and placement of the design(s) to remain true to the clients body shape while giving them timeless tattoos that can be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Staff at Katana Tattoo are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, expertise and skill to anyone interested in acquiring beautiful, individualized pieces of art for their body. This is accomplished by having all consultations and tattoos by appointment only to ensure every client gets the undivided attention they deserve.

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Email: pdhuey@yahoo.com

Shop:  (920) 770 – 2377

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Jonathan Gilbert

I did my first tattoo 16 years ago, and fell in love with the art.

Through the years, I have had a lot of my work published in books and magazines, as well as winning awards.

Thanks to the art, I have gotten to tattoo all over the country.

I recently returned to Wisconsin from Seattle, Washington. While in Seattle I worked for Aaron Bell at the world famous Slave to the Needle.

I’m very excited to be apart of the Katana crew and show Wisconsin my realistic black and grey tattoos.

Whether it’s a family portrait or a horror themed tattoo or some bioorganic work, I love doing black and grey work.

Contact Jonathan at:  artofjongilbert@yahoo.com

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